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    miércoles 19 - febrero 2020

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    VIDEO: Perrito sobrevivió un mes debajo de los escombros tras el huracán Dorian


    El rescate del canino que estaba en los huesos fue gracias a la organización Big Dog Ranch Rescue de Florida, EE.UU., quien logró sacar al perrito con vida luego del paso del huracán Dorian que mató a 60 personas.

    El can que fue bautizado como Milagro, fue hallado con el sistema de detección infrarrojos. Estaba “hambriento, deshidratado, demasiado débil como para quejarse”, dio a conocer la organización.

    El perrito se está recuperando plenamente y le están brindado los cuidados pertinentes y hasta emocionales.

    Por el momento la cifra de muertos por el paso del huracán Dorian en el noroeste de Bahamas alcanzó al menos las 60 personas, pero esperan que aumente debido a que permanecen desaparecidas cientos de personas.

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    ❤️We found our Miracle❤️ Rescue workers did not see him — nobody did. They couldn’t hear the little dog either — starving, dehydrated, too weak to even whine. 😰 That’s our Miracle… 💕 You can read more about our Miracle that our fabulous volunteers & Founder & President, Lauree Simmons, led by Sean Irion found this week with an infrared drone in our upcoming updates. https://bdrr.org/miracle-bdrr/ Thank you also to Christy Nielson for her video of the rescue. Miracle is being assessed this weekend by our wonderful medical team. He is going to need a lot of help for his recovery… 😞 Please keep an eye on this page to see more updates about this true Miracle who just barely survived the storm. More to come… . . #Miracle #SavingMiracle #HelpingtheBahamas #HelptheBahamas #Miraclesurvived #staytuned #BDRR #BigDogRanchRescue

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    😍❤️A Tail of Survival, A True MIRACLE❤️😍 We are taking care of our Miracle baby at Big Dog Ranch Rescue. He has a long road to recovery, but for now, he is comfortable and he is eating and gaining a bit of strength! He is anemic, heartworm positive, very weak, and he cannot walk on his own… The poor baby fought for his life over there – surviving on rain water from the storm for weeks!! 🥺 He is in amazing hands now, and we will continue to give him the love and support he needs as he recovers… We will keep you posted on his journey! ❤️Donations toward his recovery are much appreciated. We want to help this sweet Miracle of ours to get strong and healthy – so that he can have the happiest life EVER!! You can donate on our Facebook page: Facebook.com/bigdogranchrescue – or on our website – please specify for Miracle (link in bio). Thank you in advance for contributing to Miracle's long road to recovery ahead! ⭐️A HUGE thank you to Sean Irion – who has been leading the Big Dog Ranch Rescue trips to the Bahamas. He physically pulled Miracle out of the rubble and has found and brought back over 50 other dogs from the Bahamas! ⭐️We also want to send a huge thank you to Douglas Theron – who brought his drone to the Bahamas – which led to finding Miracle and many other dogs we have been looking for. ⭐️Thank you so much to our wonderful videographer, Christy Nielsen. ⭐️Also, thank you so very much to Amber Batteiger from American Humane and Dr. Bailey, Abaco Veterinarian – who helped triage Miracle by giving him fluids to stabilize him for the flight to Big Dog Ranch Rescue. ⭐️Thank you so much to Daniel Braihwaite who was our amazing person of contact on the ground over there! ⭐️Hank & Andrea – you are the best! Thank you for housing and feeding our team – even though your house was damaged – you let us in, and it means the world to us! ❤️We couldn’t have found Miracle without this dream team’s help and persistence!❤️ . . #DreamTeam #Survival #Miracle #BDRRMiracle #MiracleBDRR #BDRR #BigDogRanchRescue #donations #Thankyou #roadtorecovery #helpMiracle #Miraclethedog #ilovedogs #rescuedogs #HelpingtheBahamas #Bahamiandogs #Todayshow #Todaydog

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