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¡Se reveló! Mujer pasó de ser pastora cristiana a bailarina erótica en OnlyFans y confesó que es bisexual



Nikole Mitchell

Se trata de Nikole Mitchell, una pastora Cristiana que ahora es bailarina erótica y aceptó su bisexualidad; estaría incursionando en OnlyFans.

En su cuenta de Instagram, esta mujer ha publicado varias imágenes eróticas y expresa en uno de los post que: «Si dejaste la iglesia como yo lo hice, no dejaste a Dios atrás. Dios fue contigo y seguirá yendo delante de ti, permanecerá a tu lado y cerrará todas las cosas detrás de ti.».

De acuerdo a medios locales, la mujer siempre quiso ser bailarina erótica pero era tanta la presión de su familia, que creía que su misión de vida era ser pastora.

Hace cuatro años la mujer decidió convertirse en bailarina erótica y en 2016 reconoció su bisexualidad.

«Nunca me he sentido más a gusto en mi poder, en mi resplandor y en mi esencia divina. Y nunca he sido más feliz.», recalca la ahora bailarina erótica.

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Pause and say this out loud over yourself: I am safe. I am loved. I am held. I am free. I am exactly who I’m meant to be. I get to lead with ease. Launch with ease. Make money with ease. Receive love with ease. Attract fame with ease. Experience success with ease. It all gets to be fun, flowy, and free. Anything and everything I do WORKS. I always get the results that I want. I always exceed my goals and expectations. It all gets better and better, easier and more magical. Nothing and no one has power over me. Nothing and no one has power over my joy, happiness, peace, purpose, or prosperity. I am the one operating at cause. I am the one calling the shots. I am the one who’s creating my reality. So therefore anything I want I can have because I am the motherfucking source. There is nothing I can’t be, do, or have. My power is limitless. My potential infinite. My purpose eternal. My passion unstoppable. I am the motherfucking prize and what is for me cannot miss me. I get to have it all. I DO have it all. I give thanks for it all. Because I am worthy of it all. A-fucking-men. (Want to see more photos like these? Then smash that Only Fans link in my bio!😘) 📸: @allthingsboudoir

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“I have to become so fucking rich because I have so much money I want to give away." This was one of my main motivations in getting rich/er. And it's true. There is so much money I want to give away (what I give now is amazing but I want to give even more!), so many lives to empower, so many generations to impact, and a legacy to create. Money has the power to heal, transform, and uplevel the lives of generations to come, and I am here to do just that. I am here to give wealth a good name. Everyone who steps into my orbit knows what I mean. Spend 5 minutes with me and you'll leave feeling so pumped up, so alive, and so unstoppable, that your life will never be the same. And I don't say that lightly. When you meet someone who is so free, so empowered, so grateful, and so alive, you immediately want what they have. Because you know that kind of presence, energy, and power doesn't come from some external source. It comes from the infinite, invisible, eternal source itself, and it's fucking contagious. The same is available to you. You CAN have your dreams come true. You CAN land your dream job. You CAN make a shit ton of money. You CAN become the star you were born to be. Hold that vision. Do the inner work. Put powerful support in your corner. AND YOU WILL FUCKING MAKE IT. There is no way but up. There is no choice but to succeed. There is no option but to make it. When you have that kind of resolve and one-of-a-kind support in your corner, you will be blown away by how fast your dreams come true. In my circle, we don't mess. We rise to the occasion. We get clear on our vision. We put support in place. And we manifest the shit out of our dreams. We do.not.stop. This is the circle you want to be in. This is the energy you want to partake in. This is the momentum you want in your corner. It's time for you to rise. And I am here to take you to the top. Work with me 1:1 or join my mastermind. Links in my bio.❤️ 📸: @trudgephoto

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Support each other’s big ass dreams This week I’m part of a 5 day “Be on TV” challenge fb group, & you guys!!! The love & support for one another is unbelievable! Yesterday we had to post a video inside the group where we’re celebrating being on the TV show of our dreams as a gratitude/manifestation practice – & people’s comments on each video are AMAZING! Everyone is cheering each other on, posting comments like: – “Of course you did! You’re such a badass!” – “You’re amazing! So happy for you!” – “Wow! You’re incredible!!! – “You totally belong on TV!” And as these comments come pouring in on every single video, I just think… what if this was the norm in our culture?? What if we cheered people on in their biggest dreams? What if we rooted for people when they took leaps of faith? What if we said “Of course you will! You so got this!” when someone tells us their big, bold, audacious dream? How much faster would we accomplish our dreams? How much braver would we be? How unstoppable would we become? If we knew our family & friends had our back & completely believed in us?? This is the culture I create for my clients – but I want us to create this culture for the world at large! Let us lean in & believe that the dreams our friends have are there for a reason! Let us believe in their brilliance & badassery! Let us support them in their rising & cheer them on! Let us be the people our they thank when they’re standing on the stage & receiving their awards/accolades/nominations. Let us be part of the reason they made it! Let us normalize living by faith, taking leaps of faith, & becoming everything we’re meant to be. So my challenge to you is this: Message one person who is going after their dreams, taking leaps of faith, & THANK them for being brave & let them know you believe in them! I promise: you will make their day (& might even make them cry) so please do this! This is part of creating new culture – by BEING the change we want to see! Once you message someone, will you let me know below?? Let’s support tf out of one another!!! (Swipe to see my message to someone) And go!!🤩🔥🙌🏾 📸: @trudgephoto

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